Auditview® is the premier solution for generating reports from Safeguard audit trails and has been in use for over 25 years by leading institutions around the world.

Auditview® is a powerful audit analysis and reporting application for HP NonStop systems, designed to efficiently analyze, extract, and integrate important audit information captured by Safeguard, CSP PassPort and other CSP products.

Key Features:

  • Powerful reporting tool for Safeguard Audit.
  • Standard reports for quick results.
  • Easily customized.
  • Special reports for statistics, export, detail, summary, etc.
  • Extracts and condenses Audit information using an “accumulate” function.
  • Presents only key information as required.
  • Integrates Safeguard and CSP PassPort audit data in single report.

Comprehensive and Flexible

Auditview® supports many different levels of reporting, from general logon and activity reports to more specific statistical and configuration reports.

Auditview® comes with a complete set of initial report scripts that can be easily customized or extended to meet any audit reporting need.

Key Benefits

  • Completely customized reports to satisfy any Audit requirement.
  • Provides complete composite view of system audit information.
  • Condenses Safeguard Audit trails to reduce online storage requirements.
  • Automates regular scheduled report execution.
  • Single source for all NonStop Audit information.
  • CSP technical support available to create custom reports.
  • Fully integrated with Protect-XP.