Safeguard & OSS Security Hardening

Safeguard & OSS Security Hardening

HPE NonStop is designed for reliability and availability and thus is the platform of choice for mission critical applications that just can’t afford to go down. Yet we know that more and more systems are vulnerable to attacks each day as hackers become more sophisticated and determined to bring down core systems or compromise sensitive user information. This threat becomes even more likely with the advent of NonStop X. While the move to a more open x86 architecture has many benefits, the migration to an industry-wide CPU platform will expose NonStop X to a wider range of threats.

Security “hardening” is the ongoing process of making a system less vulnerable to hacker and insider attacks. Simple hardening rules such as the use of strong passwords may be obvious, but more subtle hardening rules such as the use of strong OSS file permissions are more challenging to establish and maintain.

Security hardening knowledge tends to be scattered, difficult to analyze and to implement. In order to address this challenge, CSP has engaged in significant research and has compiled a large database of NonStop security rules and best practices called CSP-Wiki.

While having expert NonStop security hardening knowledge in a single online source like CSP-Wiki is immensely useful, the challenge of implementing and maintaining a security hardening process in your NonStop environment must be satisfied.

Security Solutions

CSP offers a unique range of products to manage security on NonStop systems.