Merged Audit & Reporting

Merged Audit & Reporting

Safeguard delivers an effective record of events (user logons, file access etc.) but does not provide an easy way to extract this information. Safeguard audit trails are comprehensive but lack report generation tools and the ability to integrate into a central event management system (SIEM).

After-the-fact event reporting and alarm/alert generation on certain types of activities that require specific events to be detected in real-time is not enough.

Merged Audit and Reporting Solutions:

Auditview – is a powerful audit analysis and reporting application that efficiently extracts, integrates and analyses audit information captured by Safeguard, CSP Passport and other CSP products.

Alert-Plus – provides real-time intrusion detection on HP NonStop systems, using powerful customized rules to evaluate events from multiple sources in real time and send extracted events to a SIEM.

Spoolview – is a Window productivity tool for PERUSE users on the HP NonStop server platform.CSP SpoolView is an alternative to PERUSE and allows users to interact with their spooler jobs.

Security Solutions

CSP offers a unique range of products to manage security on NonStop systems.