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Protect-X is a revolutionary and highly advanced browser-based security hardening solution for HP NonStop, NonStop X & Linux/Unix servers.

Featuring an approvals chain for authorizing changes, an automated security hardening engine, compliance management and merged audit trail support, Protect-X provides a revolutionary way to manage Safeguard and OSS security via a mobile-friendly HTML5 interface.

Protect-X can monitor your current security settings against the accepted best practices which are published on CSP-Wiki ® and used as the source of its expert knowledge.

Protect-X Features

  • An expert compliance system that compares Guardian/Safeguard and OSS security to accepted best practices as well as localized policies.
  • A browser-enabled solution developed using HTML5 to provide a content-rich user experience.
  • Manage Guardian users and aliases, and verify compliance.
  • Manage Guardian file permissions and security.
  • Manage OSS file security, and verify compliance.
  • Use the Enhanced File Access Reports for secure reporting.
  • Supports various Multi-Factor Authentication methods like RSA SecurID, Google Authenticator, Email, SMS.
  • Systematically implement the rules and best practices documented in CSP-Wiki.
  • Continuously monitor your security hardening status.
  • Provides a deep understanding of Safeguard and OSS security rules and recommendations.
  • Identify unauthorized file security changes using the Effective File Access feature.
  • Built-in customizable change control workflows allowing task delegation.
  • Support for manager approval or rejection of any intended change.
  • Schedule any approved changes to occur at a specified date and time using the built-in Scheduler.
  • Maintains a complete audit trail of user activity.
  • Supports multiple platforms including NonStop/X, Virtual NonStop, and Linux.
Protect-X Login
Main Dashboard
Node Management
Node Hardening Statistics
Protect-X User Management
Protect-X User Personal Preferences
Protect-X Global Preferences
Change Management
Report Viewer
Protect-X Audit Viewer
File Security Managment
File Access Verifier
NonStop User Management
NonStop Alias Managment
NonStop Group Management
Safeguard Globals Management
CSP-Wiki Rules and Best Practices Reference
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