SpoolView provides a Windows GUI interface to view, print, export and otherwise manage spooler jobs on Nonstop systems.

CSP SpoolView is an alternative to PERUSE and allows users to interact with their spooler jobs without the need for learning the proprietary PERUSE commands.

Key Features:

  • Easy spooler job management & viewing.
  • Display available systems and their respective spoolers.
  • Download print jobs to their PC with a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Save jobs as editable files, plain text or HTML on the HP NonStop Server.
  • Save jobs as HTML, RTF (rich text format), and PDF on your PC.
  • Email your print jobs in one easy step by using your default email program.

Enterprise Security Management

SpoolView is integrated into CSP’s range of Nonstop security management products including Protect, CRM and CSP Passport.