NIMS is a LDAP compliant user account management system which allows NonStop systems to form part of the corporate identity management system.

NIMS accepts LDAP connections and commands including add, alter and delete one or more users or groups from external systems such as Tivoli IDM, Radiant VDS and Apache Directory Studio.

With support for both Safeguard users and CSP PassPort users, changes made via NIMS will automatically create audit events when User IDs or their attributes are changed. This allows for complete audit reporting of events, including the export of audit information to other platforms for later analysis.

Key Features:

  • Full OpenLDAP compliance.
  • Compatible with Protect® and CSP PassPort® security products.
  • Connects to LDAP clients such as Apache Studio, RadiantOne and Tivoli Identity Manager.
  • Changes LDAP requests into Safeguard user changes with Protect® or CSP PassPort®.
  • Authentication and Access control for all NonStop™ user IDs.
  • Full auditing and reporting of changes made.