We Built the Wiki For Nonstop Security®


How would you determine what the best practices are for hardening a NonStop system against an attack? The answer is CSP-Wiki ®.

CSP conducted extensive research, waded through countless publicly available documents, gathered analysis from expert consultants and received input from some of our largest customers, combining all into a one-of-a-kind wiki.

CSP-Wiki® is a vast repository of NonStop security knowledge and best practices including some of the most detailed OSS security knowledge available anywhere.

Visit the CSP-Wiki page at wiki.cspsecurity.com

CSP-Wiki® contains over 500 security “rules” which can be applied to Safeguard and OSS file security to improve a NonStop system’s ability to withstand an attack. Each rule includes a description, purpose, any legislative requirements and instructions on how to implement the rule on a NonStop system.

CSP will maintain CSP-Wiki in order to reflect changes in technology, legislation, input from our customers and from the NonStop community.