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Authentication & Access Control

Authentication & Access Control

Authentication & Authorization on NonStop systems is a complex arrangement of basic Guardian file permissions, Safeguard globals and optional object ACLs. All of these elements combine to provide the final control on who can do what to an object.

In addition to managing this complicated structure, the security administrator may also have to consider additional controls, especially when managing powerful object files that have LICENSE and or PROGID set. Another constant issue is how to manage the access of powerful users, log keystrokes and audit activities

Authentication and Access Control Solutions

CSP PassPort – Provides complete user and command control, password quality enforcement, keystroke logging and comprehensive auditing for terminal sessions running on HP NonStop Servers.

CSP Authenticator – Two-factor authentication to NonStop systems, with an interface to the RSA ACE/Server, allowing users to be authenticated using SecurID tokens.

Security Solutions

CSP offers a unique range of products to manage security on NonStop systems.