Alert-Plus® provides real-time monitoring on selected security events with alerts and custom actions that can be triggered. Alert-Plus comes with a range of built-in rule sets with the option to create custom rule sets as needed.

Real-Time Intrusion Detection and Merged Audit

PCI DSS and other legislation require system managers to take measures in order to prevent intrusions and unauthorized access into their computer systems. Alert-Plus provides real-time intrusion detection on HP NonStop systems.

Using powerful customized rules to evaluate events from many sources, including Safeguard Audit, CSP PassPort , CRM, FIC and EMS messages (including ACI’s BASE24 messages), Alert-Plus takes immediate action when an event of interest occurs in real-time.

Get Alerted!

Alert-Plus® actions can include audible alarms, email alerts, EMS messages, or even freezing a user. This can stop an intrusion or password attack dead on its tracks.

Key features

  • Support for BASE24 messages.
  • Real-time data feeds to data warehouse/SIEM.
  • Support for OSS filesystem events.
  • OSS file browsing from the Alert-Plus GUI.
  • Support for CSP PassPort , CRM and FIC audit trails.
  • Easy to build rules.
  • Built-in text editor and routines.


Merged Audit

Alert-Plus® supports the merging of several sources of audit information into a central data warehouse. It can extract events in real-time, evaluate these events against any user-defined rules to see if they are of interest and then forward them to any number of data warehouse products such as HP’s Compliance Warehouse, RSA Envision and NETIQ Log Management.