CSP PassPort®

CSP Authenticator+®

CSP PassPort® provides user and command control, password quality enforcement and full session auditing thus significantly enhancing controls on privileged aliases, improving auditing and reducing abuse. PassPort includes NetPass, for maintaining password quality across multiple NonStop systems.

PassPort complements Safeguard with additional security features and greatly expands the Guardian security package for systems without Safeguard. It controls functions at the program level and can control access to individual commands within a program. Programs and commands may also be defined to run under a different Guardian ID which is transparent to the CSP PassPort user.

Key features

  • Provide monitoring and auditing of user sessions down to keystroke level.
  • Enforce password quality standards.
  • Time restrictions by command and program.
  • Restrict users (including those with powerful IDs) to authorized operations.
  • Restrict users to specific work stations, official functions and work days/hours.

Limiting specific commands for a user


Specifying access times for a user