What’s Next For Security Automation?

April 20, 2016 Blog

Check out this great article regarding the future of security automation from Security Week, written by Danelle Au, VP of Strategy and Marketing at SafeBreach.

CSP is pioneering the future of security automation with the launch of our brand new Protect-X automated hardening solution, which will harden your Non-Stop and Linux systems against attacks.

Previous security models based solely on time-to-detection and monitoring are useful but will only alert you after the fact. By the time an alarm goes off you’ve already had a breach. You also need to consider that a majority of these alarms and red flags are false positives, which means that your security team is spending valuable time and resources investigating them.

As Au explains “Being able to properly understand and quantify your risks… is critical. This knowledge allows organizations to understand where to focus limited resources and pre-emptively remediate issues before they are exploited”.

Au also advises that “Breach after breach the message is not that we are lacking from tools, but that we are falling down because our priorities are wrong”. Making your system a HARD target is your first line of defense.

The article concludes that “Existing technologies and specialized services have many shortfalls, and these challenges mean that the next wave of innovation in security will be—must be—in security validation and response automation” and we whole-heartedly agree.

You can read the full article by following this link: Security Automation Revisited: The Rise of the Machines.