Top 3 Concerns with File Integrity Monitoring and How to Address Them

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is an important requirement of the PCI data security standard for maintaining confidential (e.g., cardholder) information. It is considered a vital requirement for security compliance frameworks to help identify unexpected or malicious activity across critical system files and protect business assets.

The ubiquity of payment cards for personal electronic transactions has changed the security equation in a fundamental way. Especially now, when COVID-19 has exponentially increased online payment transactions and changed the workforce landscape to a remote one.

Any compromise in system security is likely to have far-reaching consequences, both in terms of financial loss and the damage to an organization’s reputation. Protecting personal cardholder information is of paramount importance.

In this context, File Integrity Monitoring should be considered an essential security requirement, not just for PCI compliance, but to preserve the integrity of all NonStop systems.

Top Three Concerns with File Integrity Monitoring

  1. Detecting suspicious activity and malicious attacks

The key concern for monitoring files is to quickly discover any external threats that might cause damage to your critical systems and applications. This is the most important reason to have FIM in place.

  1. Identifying inadvertent or unwanted changes

Let’s face it, human error is inevitable, accidents happen, and users can unintentionally make changes that will detrimentally affect files. This is another great reason to ensure that you are monitoring your files.

  1. Complying with regulations

Of course, you must also check your files to comply with regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, and GDPR. You must also have the ability to provide any reports requested by regulators.

Verify Elite:

The Complete Solution for File Integrity Monitoring & Compliance

CSP has the perfect solution to help solve these issues and any others that you may encounter with regards to monitoring the integrity of your files.

Verify Elite® is the complete NonStop compliance and file integrity monitoring solution. It ensures that your NonStop System’s security (Guardian & OSS) meets industry standards and regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, and GDPR, and is specifically designed to monitor changes to files and generate compliance reports.

Verify Elite’s recent enhancements include a simplified user interface, which makes it easier for you to address the critical file monitoring and compliance reporting requirements for PCI/GDPR. We’ve also added helpful tips across the product and made it even more intuitive to use.

Enhanced UI

Verify Elite’s Security Compliance Monitor can ensure your compliance with regulations and internal security policies by performing regularly scheduled compliance checks.

And by executing regularly scheduled file integrity checks, Verify Elite’s File Integrity Monitor ensures that any unauthorized changes are immediately identified and reported.

Guardian Result History Screens

What’s New in Verify Elite 2.40

Some key features included in the latest release of Verify Elite are the new “Binder Timestamp” flag for Guardian File Integrity Check and the EMS logging options.

Key Features:

  • Pre-built customizable compliance rules
  • Monitors both Guardian & OSS files
  • Detailed compliance reporting
  • Intuitive GUI makes compliance checking & audit reporting easy
  • Meets PCI-DSS regulation 11.5
  • Easily integrated with enterprise security tools
  • Real time notifications with Alert-Plus
  • Multi-Node Fileset Compare

The regular comparison of fileset across nodes should also be a part of the process to ensure the integrity of your files. Verify Elite’s Multi-Node Fileset Compare feature permits the comparison of filesets located either locally or across NonStop nodes. For example, files that are replicated to backup environments need to be regularly compared to production files to ensure their integrity.

Guardian Fileset Result Compare

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