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CSP has just announced the first NonStop and OSS security hardening online knowledge base and we want you to have full access completely free of charge!

The response from the NonStop community has been overwhelming and we are excited to share CSP-Wiki ® with everyone.

If you haven’t already signed up you can request your login credentials now at:

So… what exactly is CSP-Wiki?

CSP-Wiki ® is the first ever online repository of expert Guardian and OSS security hardening knowledge, containing over 500 security recommendations that will help you become a NonStop Security Hardening Master.

The idea for CSP-Wiki® was born out of a need to access world-class NonStop system hardening knowledge in a centralized manner and at no cost.

To create this database CSP conducted extensive research, studied countless publicly available documents, gathered analysis from experts and received input from some of its largest customers, integrating all the information into a one-of-a-kind wiki.

CSP-Wiki® is a constantly evolving database, updated and maintained regularly to reflect changes in technology, legislation, input from customers and from the NonStop community.

CSP-Wiki’s 500+ security rules apply to both Safeguard and OSS file security hardening. These rules help improve a NonStop system’s ability to withstand an attack. Each rule includes its description, purpose, legislative compliance requirements and instructions on how to implement it on a NonStop system.

All this information is available online and for free at:

We look forward to sharing our expert security hardening knowledge with you.

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