Compliance Issues When Transitioning to a Hybrid IT Infrastructure

February 15, 2019 Blog

Companies moving to a hybrid infrastructure for data centers face many complex challenges, especially when it comes to security and compliance requirements, so collaboration and preparation are key elements in ensuring a smooth transition.

Hybrid architectures can be supported by integrated solutions that create a seamless environment between existing infrastructure resources and newer cloud deployments. Such solutions allow organizations to regulate workloads and user access to fully support security, governance and compliance requirements.

The Time for Innovation is Now

Organizations carrying out a systematic review of their data infrastructures are faced with a difficult choice. Should they improve their systems only to comply and satisfy requirements, or should they change to innovate? One would argue that being “good enough” isn’t actually good enough, as customers place so much emphasis on the security of their data. Companies should capitalize on the excellent opportunity to take stock of what they have on their networks, as well as the policies that govern them.

Enterprises are warming to the idea of the hybrid cloud as a solution that is secure, cost effective and suitable for mobile workforces. General perception used to be that businesses ran on on-premise clouds and used public clouds for application development. Now we’re seeing increased buy-in, with concerns around integration and performance put to rest.

Using this type of architecture in a hybrid infrastructure allows for sensitive data sets to remain on-site. Meanwhile, the less important data can be archived to the public cloud. There’s also the benefit of auditability and reliable control and management functionality. Regardless of where it sits, data can be managed using a set of tools and policies designed for hybrid platforms, tools such as CSP’s Protect-X®.

Protect-X® – The Compliance & Security Hardening Solution Built for Hybrid IT

Protect-X® user interface


Protect-X®  is a highly advanced, browser-based security hardening & compliance solution for NS, NS-X and Linux servers. Protect-X® was built using agent-less design so there is nothing to install on your NonStop servers.  All security is managed off-platform, via very fast and very strong encrypted connections.

Because Protect-X® was built with Virtual NonStop and open source applications in mind, it is the perfect tool to ensure that your hybrid infrastructure is compliant and secure. Protect-X® allows you to easily ensure compliance, assess risk and manage security of your hybrid platforms.


  • Allows a single security compliance policy to be automatically verified across hybrid systems, such as NonStop and Unix servers
  • Allows delegation of tasks and makes security compliance changes only after approval by the responsible administrator

Protect-X® is a powerful tool that has the ability to automatically validate compliance policies across different environments and IT architectures. It can be completely customized to suit your specific needs. It places all the power in your hands, but simplifies and automates many routine tasks.

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