Protect-X and CSP-Wiki®

November 4, 2015 Announcements

Security hardening knowledge tends to be scattered, difficult to analyze and to implement. In order to address this challenge, CSP has engaged in significant research and has compiled a large database of NonStop security rules and best practices called CSP-Wiki ® .

While having expert NonStop security hardening knowledge in a single online source like CSP-Wiki® is immensely useful, the challenge of implementing and maintaining a security hardening process in your NonStop environment must still be addressed.

To satisfy this need, CSP has developed a new and exciting solution called Protect-X ®.  Using a web browser or mobile interface, Protect-X will enable you to:

  • Implement a NonStop Guardian and OSS security hardening process using customizable rules
  • Enforce change control using a multi-layer approval process
  • Manage role-based Guardian and OSS user authentication and authorization
  • Manage Guardian and OSS file and object permissions
  • Implement Guardian and OSS command control