Just Released “Protect-X™ v4.0”

May 8, 2018 AnnouncementsNews

Protect-X™ is a highly-automated, browser-accessible security hardening and compliance solution for HPE NonStop, NonStop X, Virtual NonStop and Linux servers. The latest release, Protect-X version 4.0, is a major upgrade to Protect-X, which revolutionizes security and compliance management for NonStop systems. It includes a variety of features, functions and innovative techniques to address today’s compliance challenges for Guardian/Safeguard and OSS environments.

New Protect-X™ 4.0 features include:

  • Guardian file permissions management
  • Guardian user/alias management and compliance
  • OSS file security management and compliance
  • Support for multi-factor authentication including RSA SecurID, Google Authenticator, Email, SMS
  • Enhanced file access reports for management and auditors

Test Drive Protect-X™ Here

Protect-X™ user interface

 Protect-X™- Key Features:

  • An expert compliance system that compares Guardian/Safeguard and OSS security settings to accepted best practices as well as localized policies
  • A browser-enabled solution developed using HTML5 to provide a content-rich user experience
  • Manage Guardian Users and Aliases, and verify compliance
  • Manage Guardian file permissions and security
  • Manage OSS file security and verify compliance
  • Use the enhanced File Access Reports for secure reporting
  • Systematically implement the rules and best practices documented in CSP-Wiki
  • Continuously monitor system security status
  • Built-in customizable change control workflows allowing task delegation
  • Maintains a complete audit trail of user activity

Protect-X allows you to easily ensure compliance, assess risk and manage security of your hybrid platforms.

Test Drive Protect-X™ Here

For more information on Protect-X  visit https://www.cspsecurity.com/solutions/safeguard-and-oss-security-hardening/protect-x-2/

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