File Integrity Checker

File Integrity Checker

FIC delivers a simple yet powerful solution with its file monitoring and reporting capabilities. File monitoring is a critical part of the PCI data security standard to protect confidential (e.g. card-holder) information.

FIC provides granular monitoring of changes to specified diskfiles. By storing unique fingerprints for selected diskfiles based on particular attributes (contents, security settings etc.) and then monitoring for change, FIC enables strict compliance to security policies, including PCI-DSS regulations (e.g. 11.5). Any detected changes are flagged in reports and can be used to generate alerts

FIC Key Features:

  • Monitors Guardian and OSS files.
  • Meets PCI DSS regulation 11.5.
  • Unique file fingerprint.
  • GUI display for file management.
  • Full audit reporting capability.
  • Audit database of change history.
  • Alerts for unauthorized change.
  • Easily integrated with enterprise compliance tools.
  • Easy setup and intuitive GUI.

Audits and Alerts

FIC is fully integrated with CSP’s Auditview and Alert-Plus products to provide audit trails of changes AND generate alerts if required.