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CSP Authenticator

CSP Authenticator

CSP Authenticator is a solution for authenticating logins to NonStop systems using the RSA SecurID Authentication Manager.

It can be used in two ways to provide authentication services:

  • Safeguard Authentication SEEP.
  • Pathway Server
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Safeguard Authentication SEEP

In this mode, all login attempts by Guardian users that are normally processed against Safeguard are instead passed to the Authenticator agent, which in turn passes the login request to the RSA Authentication Manager.

Users configured to be authenticated using their RSA token will be prompted for “PASSCODE”, while all others will be prompted for “Password” as usual.

Pathway Server

In this mode, login attempts through a Pathway application may be handled by the Authenticator agent, which then passes the login request to the RSA Authentication Manager.

Key features

  • Support of SecurID (RSA) token.
  • Provides standard authentication across platforms.
  • 2 factor token authentication.
  • Configure for all or selected users.
  • Certified for latest RSA release.
  • Selected users or application calls.

Fully Configurable

The agent may be configured to include all or some users and terminals, allowing for the selective use of two factor authentication.