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CSP Authenticator+®

CSP Authenticator+®

CSP Authenticator+® is a new multi-factor authentication solution for NonStop systems. It provides multi-factor authentication for NonStop servers and supports various authentication methods. It can be used as a Safeguard SEEP or with Pathway and non-Pathway applications. Almost any application, including TACL, can now easily support multi-factor authentication.

The new CSP Authenticator + cloud-native application was developed using a modern cloud-based framework. This redesign focuses on providing security, flexibility, and scalability. Multiple authentication methods such as RADIUS, Active Directory, RSA, and Open LDAP are supported. Additional authentication methods include Email, Text Message, and Google Authenticator.

CSP Authenticator+® can provide authentication services via Safeguard Authentication SEEP, or Pathway and Non-Pathway servers.Almost any application, including TACL, can now easily support multi-factor authentication, which is a key compliance requirement.

New features:

  • New cloud-based framework – A new cloud native application built using modern technologies
  • Support for Kubernetes Helm deployments – Easily deploy in cloud environments using Kubernetes framework
  • Support for High Availability environments – Create highly available Kubernetes clusters for resiliency
  • No differentiation between Primary and Secondary authentication – Users can choose any mix of available authentication methods, and even choose more than 2 authentication methods
  • Application based authentication methods are now supported, and more authentication methods are being added.
  • Set different authentication methods for different user groups and privileged groups
  • Redesigned user-interface makes it more intuitive and user friendly
  • Maintain a matrix of authentication profiles, policies (authentication methods), and users
  • Support for various databases, including Amazon S3, Atlas Cloud service, MongoDB, etc.


  • Protect valuable resources & data.
  • Add layers of authentication for secure access to systems and critical applications.
  • Address PCI compliance requirement 8.3 which requiring multi-factor authentication for all personnel with remote access, and non-console administrative access to the cardholder data environment.
  • Integrate with centralized ID management systems to effectively manage users.

CSP Authenticator+® can be used in various ways to provide authentication services:

  • Safeguard Authentication SEEP
  • Pathway Servers
  • Non-Pathway Servers

Safeguard Authentication SEEP:

In this mode, all login attempts by Guardian users that are normally processed against Safeguard are instead passed to the Authenticator agent, which in turn sends the login request to CSP’s MFA System. Based on a user’s configuration, CSP Authenticator+ may return prompts for RSA token value or issue other challenges such as an Email or SMS OTP.

Pathway or Non-Pathway servers:

In this mode, login attempts through an application, including a Pathway application, are passed to the Authenticator+ agent, which in turn sends the login request to the CSP MFA system for secondary authentication.

Key Features:

  • Support for multiple authentication factors including RSA, RADIUS, Active Directory, and LDAP, Microsoft, Google, OTP
  • Ability to use more than two authentication methods
  • Provides standardized authentication across platforms
  • Configure for all or only selected/privileged users
  • Fully encrypted communications with cloud native application
  • Supports various databases
  • Support for new authentications methods
  • Supports TACL, Pathway and Non-Pathway applications