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Compliance & File Monitoring

Compliance & File Monitoring

Auditors have always been significant drivers in securing NonStop systems properly. Formal regulations and standards – notably PCI DSS and SOX – have put additional requirements on security administrators to demonstrate and prove that their systems are properly secured.

Change control processes help to prevent unplanned, unauthorized and accidental changes, and thus minimize disruption to normal services, redundant back-out activities and possible security vulnerabilities. This could include file integrity and change monitoring (CRM/FIC), session and command control (CSP PassPort) and real-time event monitoring (Alert-Plus)

CSP’s solutions for Compliance and File Monitoring

Compliance Reporting Module (CRM) – Provides comprehensive reports that show your system’s compliance with data security standards such as PCI-DSS, SOX and HIPPA.

File Integrity Checker (FIC) – Monitors and reports changes to file content, attributes and Safeguard settings. FIC can be used for both Guardian and OSS file monitoring.

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Security Solutions

CSP offers a unique range of products to manage security on NonStop systems.