Announcing: “CSP Authenticator+”

October 29, 2018 AnnouncementsNews

CSP announces an exciting multi-factor authentication solution for NonStop systems, CSP Authenticator+. It supports both primary and secondary authentication for NonStop, including RSA, RADIUS, Email, Text Message and Google Authenticate.

CSP Authenticator+ resides on the NonStop Platform and uses an OSS “bridge” to connect via a RESTful interface to the Authenticator+ web server. This web server is self-hosted in a secure “sandbox” called a Docker Container, and can be hosted in any UNIX, Windows, MAC or Cloud environment.  Each application can have its own Docker container environment if desired.

CSP Authenticator+ can provide authentication services via Safeguard Authentication SEEP, or Pathway and Non-Pathway servers. Almost any application, including TACL, can now easily support multi-factor authentication.

CSP Authenticator+ Key Features:

  • Primary and Secondary authentication
  • Support for multiple authentication factors, including RADIUS & SecurID (RSA) tokens
  • Standardized authentication across platforms
  • Configurable for all or selected users
  • Certified for the latest RSA release
  • Support for virtual addressing

CSP Authenticator+ Diagram